IBM Model M122 PN 1390238 SN 1064786 02MAR87


This is one of those posts wherein I test keyboards that I just restored. Well, wifey did the teardown and most of the cleaning on this one. Most of the photos in this post was taken by her. 

First of, this is another IBM Model M122 with PN 1390238 SN 1064786 and with a manufacturing date of 02MAR87. Got this from a warehouse where is it seems to be seating for a very long period. 

Initial inspection shows that we were not the first one to open and repair this keyboard. All casing screws were already replaced.

Though already opened, there were no signs that the rivets were repaired. 

Several strands of wires on membrane traces.

Looks like water spill on the numpad area.

This specific keyboard is not yet through as of writing. I just plugged a converter to check if all keys are working. So it seems. 

To be continued...

Update20210912: I have opened this keyboard for the third time. We, my daughter and I, have been experiencing issues with V key. First is that it wont register. I opened it and tried to place a pad at the bottom membrane of V. It lasted for at most a week before my daughter reported that C and B triggers V and V often gets stuck. 

I removed the pad and had it re-assembled thinking that deformed membrane is not the issue. True enough, at least as of writing, all seems to work well. V is responsive and C and B no longer triggers it. 

We'll be doing another run of tests before I seal the nuts. Stay tuned....

Oh! Here's a peak of its pro micro...